Summair Sabeel

Redefining Content Brilliance - Short Form, Big Impact

Step into the world of Short Form Content Mastery. I empower brands, content creators, and individuals by handling the intricacies of editing, ensuring your short-form content captivates without compromising quality. Specializing in crafting compelling narratives, I guide audiences seamlessly from short-form platforms to your main channels, unlocking the full potential of your story. Let's transform your content effortlessly – because your message deserves to resonate.

Essential Elegance

Polished video with seamless jump cuts, refined text overlays, and improved pacing.

Masterful Motion

Exceptional edit enriched with motion graphics, sophisticated sound design, meticulous color grading, animated captions, carefully selected stock footage, and other advanced elements for a truly professional and captivating result.

Glamourize & Go

Transformed video featuring eye-catching text, relevant stock footage, icons, emojis, and enhanced with sound effects for a dynamic and engaging experience.

Talking Head Video With Animations

Used animated Subtitles, Sound Effects, Video Effects, and Animations to make it more appealing



Green Screen Long Form to Reel

Used Animated Captions, Sound Effects, Vfx, And much more...



Text To Reel

Did Pacing
Used Stock Footage
Used Captions, and Graphics



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Summair Sabeel
Short Form Content Editor-Optimising the process of Captivating Short Form Content Creation
for my clients from over 2 years. Working Remote on different platforms.

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Some other on-demand edits, done for various clients